Notice is a historical project of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which tracked the money spent by the 2009 stimulus bill. This site is not regularly updated.

AIG Equity Capital Facility

March 2, 2009
Policy Area: 
Economic Target: 
Action Type: 
Maximum Amount: 
$29.84 billion
Amount Spent: 
$7.54 billion
Deficit Impact: 
$8.10 billion

The Treasury will allow AIG to receive up $30 billion dollars in exchange for AIG preferred stock. Actions taken in coordination with a restructuring of the Fed's line of credit to AIG.

On 1/14/2011, after AIG repaid the New York Fed's credit facility, Treasury transferred part of this facility into 167 million shares of common stock, using the remaining money to hold $20 billion in AIG subsidiaries.


Maximum amount specified in Treasury term sheet.  Amount spent current as of 3/21/2012, as reported in Treasury transaction reports

Deficit impact is derived from CBO's overall subsidy rate for assistance to AIG (13%), as listed in CBO's January 2010 baseline. However, in its November 2010 Report on TARP, CBO estimated that the total cost of AIG assistance would be $14 billion. It is unclear how the deficit impact breaks down between the two types of assistance.


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