Notice is a historical project of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which tracked the money spent by the 2009 stimulus bill. This site is not regularly updated.

Tax Provisions

Policy Area: 
Economic Target: 
Action Type: 
Maximum Amount: 
$420.00 billion
Amount Spent: 
$284.50 billion
Deficit Impact: 
$275.00 billion

Provisions are part of the $821 billion "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009," a set of policies designed to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis. The act contains significant tax breaks for individuals and corporations, among other spending provisions.


Positive numbers in table indicate spending, negative numbers indicate savings or revenue. Maximum amount is the peak cumulative cost of a provision over the period 2009-2019, though the provision may eventually cost less by 2019. Several tax provisions shift deductions for depreciation or other tax savings into the next several years. These are tax breaks that would normally be written off over a longer period of time. Much of the cost for these provisions is eventually made back in the "out" years, because it is the timing--not the amount--of an existing tax break that is being shifted. Deficit impact is the final cost of a provision from 2009-2019. Amount spent reflects CRFB calculated continuations of tax disbursal rates since last reported on in December 2010 and extrapolated to the present by CRFB staff.

In the January 2010 baseline, CBO estimated that an additional $26 billion would be made available for the Build America Bond program under the Infrastructure Financing Tools of the "Other Tax Provisions" category.

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