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FDIC Guarantee of Citigroup Assets

November 23, 2008
Policy Area: 
Economic Target: 
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Maximum Amount: 
$10.00 billion

Part of a government guarantee of $301 billion in Citigroup assets by multiple entities (Treasury, FDIC, Federal Reserve).  After Citigroup absorbs the first $29 billion in losses, the remaining losses are split 90:10 between the government and Citigroup, with the first $5 billion absorbed by the Treasury with TARP funds, the next $10 billion paid by the FDIC, and remaining losses covered by the Federal Reserve with a non-recourse loan.

See the companion guarantee of Citigroup assets by the Fed and Treasury.


Amount spent updated as of 12/31/08.

On 1/16/2008, the Treasury revised its figure for total Citigroup guaranteed assets from $306 billion down to $301 billion.  

Deficit impact unknown.

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